After working so hard to build a life together, you suddenly find yourself needing to dismantle the kingdom and split up the property. Whether the breakup of your marriage is amicable or contentious, the task of property division is not easy. When you have questions about dividing your marital property, seek the help of a property division lawyer in Fulton County, at Salata Law, in Alpharetta.

Excluded Property

Some property is not included in the marital estate. When we present a proposal to the judge for the equitable division of marital property, inheritances and any gifts you may have received will not be included, unless they were placed into a joint bank account.

Equitable, but Not Equal

There is no absolute rule for 50-50 property division in Georgia. Division of marital property is not equal, but equitable. When we assist someone with property division, we have to enumerate all the assets that were acquired during the life of the marriage. These assets must be given a value. Assets may include:

  • The family home
  • Vehicles, including boats
  • Savings accounts
  • Pension benefits

These and other property are divided fairly, but not equally.

Your Contributions Are Included

Even if you were not the primary income provider, you may have contributed to the marriage in other ways, perhaps by taking care of the children. The judge will factor in these contributions when determining property division.