When You Have a Lot at Stake

People with high incomes also own a lot of assets. When they go through a divorce, they worry about how things are going to be divided. From the house to their retirement plans, everything has to be divided, and each party wants his or her fair share. We at Salata Law, in Alpharetta, are high-asset divorce lawyers in Fulton County. We help divorcing couples negotiate the division of their property.

A Complex Divorce

It is not just a matter of deciding who gets the family home and who gets the beach house. You will have a new standard of living to adjust to after the divorce. We will help you identify and value the assets that you have acquired during the marriage. Those assets may include real estate, investments, artwork, vehicles, retirement plans and businesses. In Georgia, these assets must be divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. One spouse may get the family home, for example, while the other keeps the 401(k). Assets you had prior to marriage, or that you acquired as a gift or inheritance, are yours to keep. Your individual contributions to the marriage will also be considered.

Business Valuations

If you own a business, it may also be subject to division. If your spouse played a significant role in its success, she or he may be entitled to a portion of the assets. Determining the value of a business is complex. We work with local experts to place a value on not only your capital equipment and property, but intangibles such as goodwill, too.

You may wonder, as your assets are divided, if you are going to have to file for bankruptcy. As your attorney, our job is to help you protect and preserve as much of your hard-earned wealth as possible.