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10 Life Lessons From Denali

Practice Lessons from Denali: Thoughts at 17 Camp in the Alaska Range She is remote, cold, temperamental and beautiful. The Great One is a challenge. It takes three days of sled pulling in snowshoes just to approach her.  Here are a few thoughts on business and life from a Mountain Hardware Trango3 tent in a […]

Initial Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer

Meeting with a divorce lawyer for the first time is a big step toward starting a new future, whether you are requesting divorce or defending a divorce action.  Naturally, most people want to be prepared as much as possible to gets the most out of an initial session. I am often asked “how do I […]

Child Custody Factors: The Best Interest Standard

One of the most challenging areas of law involve child custody. Custody disputes are always emotionally charged, sometimes involving extended family members, friends, neighbors, and support systems, trying to define what is the “best interests” standard. Understanding how the courts determine “best interest” is not as difficult as it may seem. In Georgia, the parent […]

Reasonable suspicion’s role in DUI traffic stops

Drunk driving stops can’t happen because an officer feels like picking on you. Instead, the officer must have reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop because of a suspected drunk driver. There are many different points that come into the picture when you are stopped due to an officer thinking that you are intoxicated. Here […]