Divorce: The End of a Marriage

Perhaps you wanted to end your marriage amicably. Unfortunately, conflict arose and the situation escalated to name-calling. Accusations were made. It is too late for an annulment. When legal separation is not enough and divorce is clearly the only way out, turn to the Fulton County divorce law firm that has a reputation for getting things done: Salata Law in Alpharetta.

Divorce Is Never Easy

Divorce is almost always complex. It is an emotional time. Your kids are scared. They do not know why you and your spouse cannot get along. They somehow think it is their fault. Parental guilt, anger and frustration are common. You need real people to solve these real problems.

We Know What It Is Like

Our attorneys bring decades of experience to divorce cases. However, our divorce-related experience goes beyond the courtroom. As a private investigator, attorney J Thomas Salata saw hundreds of families embroiled in bitter fights over children and property. Tom Salata is a Fulton County attorney that cuts through the rhetoric and finds ways for families to solve their problems without destroying one another.

Call for a Consultation

If you are headed toward divorce, we would like to meet with you and discuss your problems. There are solutions, and the attorneys at Salata Law, can help you find them. Contact us today online or by phone: 678-942-6937. Start getting your life back in order.