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When people drive distracted, crash risks increase for everyone

Many people assume that if they don't drive distracted, they aren't at much risk for a distracted driving crash. However, distracted driving is a lot like drunk driving. Even if you make the right choices, you still have to live with the consequences of what other people do.

After all, with so many people choosing to text or post on social media while in control of a vehicle, chances are strong that you drive past several people doing this every day. It only takes one person texting at the wheel to cause a crash that can change your life forever.

Reasonable suspicion's role in DUI traffic stops

Drunk driving stops can't happen because an officer feels like picking on you. Instead, the officer must have reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop because of a suspected drunk driver.

There are many different points that come into the picture when you are stopped due to an officer thinking that you are intoxicated. Here are a few that you should know if you should ever find yourself in this situation:

Car accident injuries vary greatly depending on the circumstances

Car accidents impact people in a variety of different ways. Each of these injuries can have devastating effects on your life. For people who are in car accidents, dealing with the physical effects of the accident are only one facet of what they will go through.

Many people who are in a car crash, especially those who are in a serious crash, might find that they need to do something to recover financially from the accident. This might include a personal injury lawsuit that requires them to ask what type of damages they can seek.

Traffic offenses in Georgia can have serious consequenses

Driving on Georgia roads means that you agree to follow all of the applicable laws of the road. Failing to do this could lead to your getting ticket or even facing a misdemeanor traffic offense.

The impacts of these can include having to pay fines, spend time in the local jail, and to pay an increase in your vehicle insurance premiums. There is also a chance that your driver's license will be suspended. Here's what you need to know about traffic offenses in Georgia:

3 steps to take after an auto accident in Georgia

The last thing you remember is that a large vehicle was headed straight for you. The night was dark, but you saw the vehicle coming for long enough that you could try to evade it. It wasn't fast enough, though, and you only managed to turn your side of the vehicle away from the oncoming truck.

As a result of being able to move slightly, you were able to walk away from the crash with your life. Instead of a head-on crash, you were in a T-bone accident, which may have prevented your death. You suffered several broken bones and a concussion regardless of your attempts to prevent the crash.

Georgia penalties for DUI offenses can destroy your life

You may think that getting a driving under the influence (DUI) charge when you didn't cause an accident or hurt anyone is a minor thing. However, you'd be wrong to assume that. Even first time DUI offenders can lose their license, their freedom and even their job as a result of the charges. Getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs is a mistake, but it shouldn't have to completely change your life.

An attorney can present you with options about how to proceed if you've been charged with DUI. Pleading guilty or being convicted can drastically alter your life. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you may be able to mount a rigorous defense against the charges. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better chance you'll have at a positive outcome to those charges.

Prescription pain relievers can be hazardous to your freedom

It's easy to run afoul of Georgia's drug laws for prescription pain relievers such as such as Vicodin and OxyContin.

One mistake such as carrying a friend's prescription can lead to prosecution and a permanent criminal record.

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