My wife and I have had the privilege to know J Thomas Salata for the past seven years as both an attorney and as a friend. Tom has handled some of our domestic legal issues and has given me guidance and direction on other legal issues.

We cannot say enough about Tom's ability as a lawyer in his professionalism and knowledge of the law. Tom makes it his business to know and understand his client's needs and issues but also to make his relationship with his client a true friendship.

One a personal note, Tom has a lovely family. He is also a fellow member of our country club. We value him professionally and personally as a person of integrity.

Gary and Joann Brosnan

I was involved in an automobile accident in Cumming and received heavy damage to my car, I was taken to the hospital for observation but was found to be fine.

The accident occurred on a very busy section of Rte 20 , I had a green arrow to take a left hand turn in front of traffic, unfortunately it must have changed to red when I was half way through the intersection and was hit on the passenger side of my car.

I called Attorney J. Thomas Salata and reviewed the accident with him, I was also cited for a ticket which I felt was not fair as I was half way through the intersection when hit, which meant to me the person saw me coming and just did not stop. The passenger side of the car was heavily damaged and to me that was proof enough. Mr. Salata took me back to the accident scene and we reconstructed what happened right there. I was due in court in a few days and did not want this mark on my license, or to give the insurance a reason to increase my rates.

Mr. Salata appeared in court with me and had the case dismissed, meaning I was not charged with a traffic violation or the accident. He saved me a great amount of money on a ticket and the increase in the insurance.

Mr husband and I have called Mr. Salata quite a few times for information that we needed to have, he has always been very professional and never kept us waiting for an answer. We have recommended him to many of our friends and they all had the same results as we did, professional and caring and right on top of things.

Dell Johnson