Fulton County Legitimation Lawyers

Acknowledgement of Paternity

For reasons of your own, you and the mother of your child never married. Now, however, you would like to play a bigger role in your child's life. In Fulton County, attorneys at Salata & Reese, LLP, in Alpharetta, can help you establish paternity and legitimate your relationship with your child.

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Legitimating Your Child

Paternity establishment is often used in Georgia to determine child support and child custody obligations for people who are not married. Establishment may take place when the child is born in the hospital and both parents acknowledge the birth and sign a form. The form may also be filled out later at the State Office of Vital Records in Atlanta, or the Vital Records Office in the county where the child was born. If voluntary legitimation of a child born out of wedlock is not done before the child's first birthday, the question of the child's legitimacy must be addressed in Superior Court. You cannot petition the court for custody and visitation rights if your relationship is not legitimated. Our experienced paternity attorneys can guide you through the system.

Paternity Testing: Legally Identifying the Father

Perhaps you want to disprove your paternity or have your name removed from a birth certificate. Or, in some cases, Georgia courts will order a paternity test in order to establish and enforce child support. We can help you through the legal process and find a laboratory to process a sample of your DNA to compare with the DNA of a child.

Help for Fulton County Fathers Who Want to Establish Paternity

If you want to become more involved in your child's life, contact the lawyers at Salata & Reese, LLP, online or by phone: 678-942-6937. We will be happy to help you establish this important relationship.

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