Defense Against Family Violence Protection Orders

If you are accused of domestic violence in Georgia, a court may issue a protective or restraining order that puts forth limitations in regard to your relationship with your accuser. For example, you may be barred from contacting the alleged victim or from coming within 500 feet of his or her residence—even if you also live there. It is important to comply with these restrictions, as noncompliance may mean further consequences and even jail time.

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My Ex Obtained A Temporary Protection Order Against Me. What Should I Do?

In Georgia, a judge can issue a temporary protection order against you based on nothing more than the word of the accuser. The temporary order is usually effective for approximately two weeks. The judge will schedule a hearing to determine if the order should remain in effect longer.

It is important to have a lawyer represent you at this hearing. A protection order can affect your life in many ways.

  • You may be kicked out of your home or apartment.
  • You may be barred from possessing firearms.
  • You may be fired from your job.
  • You could lose custody of your children.
  • If you violate the order, you could be jailed and charged with a crime.

It's extremely important not to contact the accuser while you are subject to a restraining order. Instead, let us speak for you. We can negotiate with the other side and the court and try to work out a favorable resolution.

For More Information About Family Violence Protection Orders

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