Your Administrative DUI License Hearing

When you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Georgia, you face two legal proceedings. The first is an administrative driver's license suspension. The second is the criminal charge of driving under the influence (DUI).

At Salata & Reese, LLP, in Alpharetta, Georgia, our lawyers defend people accused of drunk driving in north Fulton County. When you hire us to defend you in your criminal DUI case, we will also defend you at your suspension hearing — as long as you call us soon enough.

You have only 10 days from your DUI arrest to request a hearing to challenge suspension of your driver's license. To protect your rights, call 678-942-6937 as soon as possible.

What Happens To My Driver's License When I Am Accused Of Drunk Driving?

When you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Georgia, the police officer will take away your driver's license before you are convicted of anything. The officer should give you a DS-1205 – ALS Suspension Notification & Chemical Test Report, which you can use as a temporary driving permit for 30 days.

After 30 days, your driver's license will be suspended automatically unless you exercise your right to a hearing before the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You have only 10 days following your arrest to request a hearing.

Our lawyers can represent you at your hearing. Even if we are unable to restore your driving privileges at the hearing, we can cross-examine the police officer who arrested you. This can give us information to use in your defense against the criminal DUI charges. We can also help you apply for a hardship license so you can continue to drive to and from work after your driver's license is suspended.

DUI driver's license suspension is one of the few cases where you can face state sanctions before you are convicted of a crime. Our lawyers will do everything we can to defend you from both civil and criminal penalties.

For More Information About Driver's License Suspension

If you have been accused of drunk driving, our attorneys will provide you with the strongest possible defense. Call 678-942-6937 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.