Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision that should be made with the support and guidance of a trained attorney. Salata & Reese, LLP, has years of experience helping clients navigate the confusing world of bankruptcy law in Georgia, so if you have questions about your specific financial situation cCall 678-942-6937 for a free telephone consultation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to relieve a debtor of unsecured debt by discharging the debts. This means that in most cases, debts can be eliminated completely once you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Chapter 7 can be effective for both private citizens and small businesses.

Though filing for bankruptcy may hurt your credit score and bring on financial consequences, the law office of Salata & Reese in Alpharetta is educated and experienced regarding all Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and can help you make a fresh start.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy practice includes:

  • Representation of debtors
  • Representation of creditors
  • Representation of landlords and tenants under bankruptcy
  • Preferential transfers
  • Liquidation and sale of property
  • Adversarial proceedings
  • Proof of claims

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.